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tnevins on 8 Sep 2016
Answered: Michelle Wu on 28 Sep 2016
I recently upgraded to Matlab 2016a, and I've been trying to edit a .fig that we previously made. When I save the figure and reopen it, I get a nearly blank figure that looks nothing like what I just saved. I've tried making all kinds of figures from scratch and that always works fine. Many of my old figures can be saved and reopened too, but not all of them. Since many of my figures have a lot of data that takes a long time to calculate, this is really annoying. Any idea what's causing it?
Saved figure:
Reopening it:
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mbonus on 8 Sep 2016
Try checking the units of the figure and components, it looks like it is just really zoomed in on a legend.

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Answers (1)

Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu on 28 Sep 2016
The issue you encountered appears to be related to an identified bug in MATLAB R2016a. The bug seems to be fixed in R2016b as I was able to reproduce the issue on a similar example in R2016a while the same figure saves fine in R2016b. I would suggest update to R2016b and see if the issue is resolved. If not, feel free to contact the Technical Support at MathWorks.

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