MATLAB (since R2016a) changes the size of the legend when printed. How can I avoid this?

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LuisGarcia on 26 Sep 2016
Edited: Michelle Wu on 28 Sep 2016
I have a figure file (.fig) and I want to print the content. As I always do, I go to File -> Save As... and I save it as a pdf file, which is the most convenient file format for my subsequent use. However, during the saving process, the legend changes its size: what I see on the screen differs from what is printed to the PDF file. My current workaround is to open Matlab R2015a and proceed in the same manner (with the desired output). How should I proceed to avoid this in Matlab2016? Thank you

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Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu on 28 Sep 2016
Edited: Michelle Wu on 28 Sep 2016
The issue you encountered appears to be related to an identified bug in MATLAB R2016a. It seems to be fixed in R2016b as I was able to verify in both releases based on another example. I would suggest update to R2016b and see if the issue is resolved. If not, feel free to contact the Technical Support at MathWorks.
There are a few options for you if you want to try something before you update. Making sure the legend property “Unit” is set to “normalized” seems to resolve some issues occurred in R2016a figures. You may also check out the following link to another MATLAB Answers post for more options if you are unsatisfied with your printed figure:

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