Simulink shows blank diagnostic viewer

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Hi guys!! Why without even the toolbar? When I run the simulation the viewer doesn't pop up but on the bottom of the model it shows the number of errors. I was using Matlab 2015a but now I'm using Matlab 2016a and I'm facing this problem so I would like to ask if anyone know how to solve this problem.
Looking forward for you attention and thanks in advance.

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Accepted Answer

Rani V.S
Rani V.S on 3 Oct 2016
The only known work-around (not a fix) is to restart MATLAB.

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omar daif
omar daif on 18 Sep 2017
Hi guys, I am suffering from this problem too. I have restarted the MATLAB and it doesn't work.

emad moamen
emad moamen on 18 Nov 2018
Same Problem Here
unfortunately ; Not Solved By Restarting The Program Many Times
I'll Try To Uninstall/reinstall The Program again, then See What Will Happen

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