Displaying progress from a file compiled to MEX with MATLAB Coder.

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Tom Holden
Tom Holden on 9 Oct 2016
Answered: Denis Gurchenkov on 25 Oct 2016
I have a slow running .m file that I am compiling to MEX via MATLAB Coder.
I would like to display the loop counter in the code's main loop.
However, with an fprintf, nothing is getting printed until the function exits.
I have tried the following, but even this does not fix the problem completely:
if ~coder.target( 'MATLAB' )
coder.cinclude( 'fflushStdOut.h' );
fprintf( '%d\n', NSample );
if ~coder.target( 'MATLAB' )
coder.ceval( 'fflushStdOut', int32( 0 ) );
drawnow update;
Where fflushStdOut.h contains:
#define fflushStdOut( x ) fflush( stdout );
Even with this, the function is still not displaying anything until 1800+ iterations have past, which takes a good 30 minutes.
Any ideas?

Answers (1)

Denis Gurchenkov
Denis Gurchenkov on 25 Oct 2016
A combination of 'drawnow' and 'mexPrintf' seem to work:
function test1
for i = 1:1000
coder.ceval('mexPrintf', ['hello' 10 0]);
coder.ceval('Sleep', int32(100));
codegen test1 -config:mex
Prints 'hello' every 0.1 seconds

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