How can I write multiple sets of data from MATLAB to one sheet in excel?

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Alexandra Brian
Alexandra Brian on 26 Oct 2016
Commented: Chaya N on 28 Oct 2016
I'm running a linear regression test in MATLAB from data I have in excel.
A = xlsread('excel_report.xlsx', sheet, 'ColumnA:ColumnA');
B = xlsread('excel_report.xlsx', sheet, 'ColumnB:ColumnB');
After using the xlsread built-in function to download the data I ran a linear regression test using fitlm:
md2 = fitlm(A,B);
I then pulled data from the fitlm:
coeff2 = md2.Coefficients;
And added this to same excel workbook I originally pulled the data from:
writetable(coeff2, 'excel_report.xlsx', 'Sheet', 2);
My problem is I'd like to add more variables from fitlm to the excel_report.xlsx's corresponding sheet.
Specifically the Rsquared value and the number observations.

Accepted Answer

Chaya N
Chaya N on 26 Oct 2016
Edited: Chaya N on 26 Oct 2016
You could simply call the same function a couple more times to write your required variables into the same sheet.
I would also suggest using the 'Range' option of the function to specify the cell(s) you would be writing your data into. Try
writetable(md2.Rsquared.Ordinary, 'excel_report.xlsx', 'Sheet', 2, 'Range', 'B2');
writetable(md2.Rsquared.Adjusted, 'excel_report.xlsx', 'Sheet', 2, 'Range', 'B4');
writetable(md2.NumObservations, 'excel_report.xlsx', 'Sheet', 2, 'Range', 'B6');
writetable(md2.Coefficients, 'excel_report.xlsx', 'Sheet', 2, 'Range', 'D2');
Chaya N
Chaya N on 28 Oct 2016
Please use the xlswrite() command instead of writetable(). Note the change in the order of the input arguments between the two functions.

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