How do I programmatically find all physical modeling networks?

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Chris Rygaard
Chris Rygaard on 29 Jan 2017
Commented: Chris Rygaard on 1 Feb 2017
Is there an automatic way to discover all of the physical modeling networks in a Simulink block diagram?
I'm managing a large project in which I am receiving models from several engineers for integration into a system-level simulation. When integrating the models, I need to connect several physical modeling networks between the subsystem models. Once I have the models connected, I need to track down all of the physical modeling networks to determine which ones are missing a solver configuration block or have an extra solver configuration block.
Currently I am doing this by analyzing the model and parsing the error messages, which is quite time consuming. Unfortunately, I have to do this (and a lot of other work) every time one of the contributing engineers submits an updated model.
I think I could partially automate this effort if I could find a way to discover all of the networks in the integrated model. If I could write a script to generate a list of the networks, I think I could then write another script that would could go through the generated list, and for each network in the list:
(1) get a list of the blocks in the network,
(2) inspect the blocks to make sure there is exactly one solver configuration block, and
(3) add/remove solver configuration blocks as needed.
I think I could even automate setting the parameters in the solver configuration blocks, but that is a different discussion.
Does anybody have any ideas on how I would do this?
P.S. The approach outlined above is my best guess at a solution to the problem. If somebody has a better approach, I'd like to hear it.

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Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu on 31 Jan 2017
You can programmatically find systems, blocks, lines, ports, and annotations by using function "find_system". For instance, if you have an integrated model named "myModel", the following code will allow you to find a list of all Simscape blocks within your model, including those in the SubSystems of the model:
sys = 'myModel';
sscBlks = find_system(sys,'BlockType','SimscapeBlock');
However, please note that the "BlockType" of a Solver Configuration block is "SubSystem" rather than "SimscapeBlock", and thus they won't be in the above list. In order to find all the Solver Configuration blocks, use the following command:
solverConfigs = find_system(sys,'ReferenceBlock','nesl_utility/Solver Configuration');
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Chris Rygaard
Chris Rygaard on 1 Feb 2017
That finds all of the Simscape blocks in the model, but not the networks. I'm trying to create a list of the distinct networks.

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