How to connect Simscape Component with Simscape Power System Elements

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Hello, I would need to develop a circuit using Simscape, which includes both type of elements:
a) Simscape Component (Simscape / Utilities / Simscape Component)
b) Simscape Power System Element (Simscape / Power System / Specialized Technology / Fundamental Blocks / Electrical sources)
How can I connect these two types of elements?

Accepted Answer

Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu on 15 Feb 2017
It is not possible to connect a customized Simscape Component block with the components from the Simscape Power Systems Specialized Technology library. This is because Simscape Component uses .ssc files, which is compatible with the Foundation Library, while components from the Simscape Power Systems Specialized Technology library uses Simulink mathematics underneath. Therefore, connecting these two components is analogous to connecting components from the Simscape Foundation Library to Simulink blocks directly, which is not supported.
If you are using R2015a and newer releases, I would recommend explore the "Customize SPS blocks" feature in the powergui to build more advanced models. The "power_customize" function is the appropriate command for a programmatical approach. For more information, please refer to the following link:

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