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What do TzL & TzR mean in Simulink Debugger ?

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Sisi Di
Sisi Di el 24 de Feb. de 2017
Comentada: creepydog el 9 de Abr. de 2024
When I debugged my model in the Simulink debugger, I came across such information.I don't know what are Tzl and TzR short for, when the help document only explains "Tm" condition.
I sincerely appreciate your help.

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creepydog el 22 de Jun. de 2020
I've seen these when debugging zero-crossings. So "z" might mean "zero-crossing", "L" and "R" might be "left" (before) and "right" (after), i.e. two timesteps bracketing the zero-crossing. I couldn't find any documentation on that, either. Just my guesses.
Some more info about Zero-Crossing Detection, see
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creepydog el 9 de Abr. de 2024
Accidently found something (R2023b): While in "sldebug" mode, enter "help" at the command prompt. The help shown mentions: "Time is displayed as: [...] TzL= <time while in major step just before (at left post of) zero crossing> [...] TzR= <time while in major step at or just after (at right post of) zero crossing>".

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