How to get a Table Contents in Live Script .mlx export to HTLM

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When you Publish a .m script to HTML or PDF yet get a Table of Contents. But when you export a .mlx file to HTLM or PDF you don't get a Table of Contents. Is there a way to get TOC with .mlx files too?

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Oliver Kluge
Oliver Kluge on 20 Apr 2017
Up to version R2017a, a Table of Contents is not generated when exporting a live script to HTML or PDF. In other words: Currently, there is no way to get a TOC with .mlx files.
I work for MathWorks and I have forwarded your request to the appropriate product team.

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Christine Tobler
Christine Tobler on 24 Aug 2021
You can go the "Insert" tab (just to the right of where it says "Live Editor" on top of the MATLAB window) and there's a button there to add a table of contents.
This works in R2021a, I'm not sure when it was introduced.


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