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How can i make graph something like this?

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i want to make graph something like this how i can do this. every dots have a different color based on mean on weighted value. what kind of function to make something like this? if anyone can provide me with different example i would appreciate it


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Kevin Gleason
Kevin Gleason on 3 May 2017
Edited: Walter Roberson on 3 May 2017
The bases of this graph is a scatter plot. You can provide a scatter plot with a colormap that supplys a color for each individual dot:
x = linspace(0,3*pi,200);
y = cos(x) + rand(1,200);
c = linspace(1,10,length(x));
scatter(x,y,[],c, 'filled')
colorbar; % display color bar to right
In the case of the graph you mentioned, c is an M-by-3 matrix, which defines an RGB value for each dot based on mean weighted value. You will need to generate this M-by-3 matrix.
We can create a "jet" colormap, and index into it to choose a color based on the graphic above:
function c = MyColorBar(xData,yData)
spectrum = jet(10); % Generate 10 RGB values
data = xData+yData;
result = (data - min(data))./(max(data) - min(data)) .* 9; % normalize values to 0-9
indices = floor(result) + 1; % indices for each value 1-10
c = spectrum(indices,:); % return proper color values for each point
You can test the above code as follows:
y = rand(1,1000) .* 10;
x = rand(1,1000) .* 10;

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Firman Pahrizal
Firman Pahrizal on 5 May 2017
Thank you so much kevin and walter for your reply to this question. because i am not soo good at matlab and it helps me a lot. i will try my data and let see. if it works ,i will let you know. basically the dot is an 3d axis and each dot has a 2 data comparison between force and density. if the force and density correlated and the weighted mean will be around 1 so when i plotted should be like that.

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