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How to implement function hints in your code

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I have seen that this has been asked previously, but never answered, and I want to know if this should go in as a feature request or if the capability is just not obvious.
When one starts typing e.g. 'plot(' and then waits, a series of suggested completions pops up. If I try this on my own code, it simply bases the suggestion on the top line. An abstract MWE example:
function out = foo(in, varargin)
p = inputParser;
out = in*p.Results.mult;
The function hint for this is 'foo(in,...)'.
Now, if I have a large number of possible inputs (similar to plot), I instead want the function hint to display some custom combinations of possible inputs as opposed to the single line based on the function definition. Preferably this would be based directly off of the comment header in the function file, although I could see it using an external file as well. This would be extremely helpful for building toolkits for other users.
Is this now possible? If not, I will submit it as a feature request.
Cheers, -Dan

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Rik on 1 May 2017
This is indeed an interesting question. (this comment is mostly to get in on my watch list)

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Kevin Gleason
Kevin Gleason on 4 May 2017
As of MATLAB R2017a, this feature is not available.
I have submitted a feature request on your behalf. The development team is aware of the issue and may consider adding it in a future release.


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Jan Rubak
Jan Rubak on 17 Mar 2019
Hi Steven,
In R2018a, user-defined function hints via functionSignature.json is supported for Live Scripts, but not (yet) at the standard command line or during code editing.
I don't see any mention in the R2018b release notes that this has changed.
Am I correct in understanding that this will be coming in a (near-) future release, but that it's just not yet ready for primetime? Without any promises implied, are you able to say what the approximate time frame may be?
I'm very grateful that you're adding this, and am happy to wait if that's what's required for it to be properly implemented. But knowing if/when it is coming helps me decide whether I should invest time setting up the json file for code which will mostly be called from other code or from the command line rather than a Live Script.
Cheers, Jan
breathi on 2 Jan 2020
is there now a solution (maybe even with functionSignatures) for what Jan mentioned?

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