MATLAB crashed when invoking symsum

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Maristie on 4 May 2017
Commented: Maristie on 9 May 2017
The minimal example:
symsum(log(nchoosek(100, x)), x, 0, 100)
I've got the sum using `for` statement just in less than 1s.
But when it comes to symsum, MATLAB just crashes.
I've tried this code both on my own machine (Debian 9.0, R2016b) and MATLAB online, but results are just the same.
Could you please help me out?

Accepted Answer

Wilson A N
Wilson A N on 9 May 2017
This is probably because 'symsum' is trying to find some closed expression as an answer and it is unable to do so. If you use 'sum', it will try this out numerically and hence doesn't give an error. You can maybe try out the following command:
>>sum(subs(log(nchoosek(100, x)), x, 0:100))

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