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unable to connect to

Asked by azim
on 15 Jun 2017
Latest activity Commented on by azim
on 26 Aug 2018
hey all, i was regularly connecting matlab to using the moneynet function but from yesterday i'am getting the following error: Error using moneynet/flagNoConnection Lost connection to the Money.Net data server. Use the MONEYNET command to connect again.
Error in moneynet
could someone inform if they have similar problem and how to correct it. thanks in advance. azim


Are you able to use your credentials to access your account through the desktop app or the browser?

Are you having a trial license of According to the below link, one must first be a regular monthly subscription customer of Money.Net and obtain a standard Money.Net login,

Have you contacted TS team?

Also, send me the information about your OS.

I had the same error, but I am a regular monthly subscription customer of Money.Net but use the trial version of MATLAB, the trial version of MATLAB had that problem?
on 26 Aug 2018
Hi Sorry for delay in reply as I was out and did not check back ..IAM a regular paid subscriber to and work on Windows 10 os. I contacted with the error and they said it's not from their end but I have to check with Matlab support. Frankly to tell you now I have grown used to it as it happens one off time and not regularly (but it does happen) so I have learned to live with it. Just wanted to check that other ppl have same issue and what was the work around. Mind you when the Matlab and connection disconnects I get it as a separate error. But in this instance it's just stuck.

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1 Answer

Answer by Kawee Numpacharoen on 4 Aug 2017

I hope your issue has already been resolved. Otherwise, please contact our technical support team


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