Is the readavi mex file removed in the latest Matlab version along with aviread.m ?

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Pratik on 28 Jul 2017
Commented: Wilson A N on 1 Aug 2017
I am trying to work on a script that uses readavi.m which is getting called from aviread.m. Since aviread is not available in the latest Matlab release does this mean that the mex file readavi.m is also removed ?

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Wilson A N
Wilson A N on 31 Jul 2017
If you execute the following command in the previous versions of MATLAB (MATLAB R2014b for instance), I was able to find out if the readavi mex file existed by determining its location.
>> which -all readavi
If the same command is executed in the latest revisions of MATLAB it doesn't return any valid output. Hence, I presume the readavi mex file have also been removed.

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