Can I plot/apply more than two predictors using classification learner app?

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Hello, I am trying to apply ML in smart home environment. I would like to predict the upcoming status of the appliance. I have generated my own dataset and I would like to apply one of the machine learning techniques to get the most accurate prediction. My dataset contains the resident id (M,F,Child), date, time, dayOfweek, applianceID, appliance status. I tried to apply ML using classification learner on MATLAB but It seems to plot only two predictors. I need to use resident id, dayOfWeek, applanceID and time as my predictors to predict the status. Does the classification learner app only allow you to use two predictors or it is limited for plotting since we are using two dimensional plot? I will be grateful to anyone who can help?

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Bernhard Suhm
Bernhard Suhm on 20 Sep 2018
It's for plotting only, a simple 2-dimensional scatter plot is available in the Classification Learner. You can train classifiers with many more predictors. Though the ones you mention above seem a bit limited, I guess certain appliances are used primarily at certain times and/or inhabitants, but that's not going to be a very useful model.

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