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Echo off or semicolon in GUI

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Birch on 29 Sep 2017
Commented: OCDER on 29 Sep 2017
This might be very basic (stupid) question but I will ask anyway. Does eat make sense to use echo off in a matlab GUI, and does it make the program run faster? Which is the preferred, echo off or semicolon after each function. And finally, how do I place/use the echo off in a GUI code. Thanks from a novice.


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OCDER on 29 Sep 2017
  • It makes sense to use echo off pretty much every time. Although echo on is used for debugging purposes, there are better way to debug code via error messages and the debugger.
  • echo off is faster, no time spent printing message.
  • always use semicolon to suppress function outputs. It should be a habit to use ";" as many programming languages uses the semicolon to end a statement.
  • if you use semicolon, you don't have to place echo off in your GUI, unless you want it to turn echo on / off as part of a debugger option for your GUI.


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OCDER on 29 Sep 2017
Here's an example of how I write code, based on another question I just answered. As you can see, no semicolon after the function line. Semicolon everywhere else, EXCEPT for, end, if, switch, case. When in doubt, use semicolon as it doesn't hurt.
function wordcount = getWords
str = 'jeff john 2lion lion2 this2that dog.';
strcell = regexpi(str, '\w*', 'match');
%Defining word as one that starts with a letter (this2that would still be a word)
wordloc = cellfun(@(x) ~isempty(regexpi(x(1), '[a-z]')), strcell);
wordcount = sum(wordloc); %number of words
nonwordcount = sum(~wordloc); %number of non-words
%Displaying words
for j = 1:length(wordloc)
if wordloc(j)
fprintf('Is a word: %s\n', strcell{j});
The Editor in Matlab should kind of give you warnings and suggestion for formatting code. Also try opening up some matlab built-in function to see how the pros do it, like :
open csvread
Birch on 29 Sep 2017
Hi Robert and Donald. Thanks a lot for the answers and examples. Great help.
OCDER on 29 Sep 2017
You're Welcome!

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