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The Embedded-C code format does not support continuous sample time blocks.

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Frazer on 26 Apr 2012
I'm trying to implement a SimMechanics model, which has been imported from SolidWorks, on my BeagleBoard-XM.
I can, successfully, implement Simulink models on the BeagleBoard - in fact, I'm controlling a pneumatic system via the BeagleBoard's serial port and an Arduino; my problem is thus:
Every time I go to build my SimMechanics model I get the following error: "The Embedded-C code format does not support continuous sample time blocks."
I've used the Control Design Toolbox to "discretize" all the model's continuous blocks and I've set the solver to 'Fixed-step' and 'discrete', yet I still receive an error. I've tried this with the RTW's 'continuous-time' interface option enable and disabled without much luck.
Can anyone help me with this, or at least point me in the direction of an example?
p.s. I can't run the model in continuous mode, else I can't even compile code.


TAB on 26 Apr 2012
Have you selected the "Support continuous time" option in configuration.
Renee on 18 Mar 2013
Did you have any resolution to this? I'm having the same problem when running the c2000_motor_algo.

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 26 Apr 2012
Does the error message point to specific blocks that cause the error? Also, try turning on Sample Time colors and see if anything in your model is still using continuous time (denoted as black). Typically, turning on "continuous time" in the Code Generation>Interface pane should ensure that code-generation works with continuous sample-times, but I wonder if some of the SimMechanics blocks are not playing well with code generation. You could try reporting this to MathWorks Tech Support and see what they say.


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