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problem in solving code for arrehenius equation,To and Ta are in kelvin

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clear all;close all;clc; k=8.617385*10^(-5); T0=298; EA=0.9; Ta = -40:10:70; n=(EA/k)*((1/T0)-(1/Ta)); AF=exp(n); %n=(EA/k)*((1/T0)-(1/(298))); %T=5; % for i=1:l % n=(EA/k)*((1/T0)-(1/((i*T)+293))); % AF(i)=exp(n); % end
% axes;
grid on;
% xlim([10 100]);
% ylim([0 800]);

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Richard on 1 May 2012
in your loop what is 'l' suppose to be? Your stating that your loop goes from 1 to 'l' but haven't specified what 'l' is.
From your loop I am guessing that the main problem is that you are not storing each iteration of i so try to replace 'n' with n(i) maybe. I can only guess at the moment as I am not sure what you are trying to do.

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