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MATLAB Editor bounce left when scrolling

Asked by Sharah
on 13 Dec 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Vlad Atanasiu on 8 Jun 2018
I have this weird problem since changing to either R2017b. I wonder how can I solve this because it is getting really annoying now


I have the same issue. It started when I upgraded to a new MacBook Pro 13" running High Sierra in January. My Matlab version is (R2017b). It seems to be related to the new trackpad on the Mac. I've played with the sensitivity but have not been able to improve the "bounce to the left" issue.
I have the same problem and it is getting annoying.
The following is a stopgap solution to the editor bouncing bug (Mac OSX, R2017b). My editor's preference for the number of fixed-width columns is 76 and my editor window is slightly larger so that I can see about 80 columns. Now, by stretching the editor window to 120 columns the editor doesn't bounce anymore. But the editor covers most of my display, hiding other windows.

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