Configure Matlab Compiler to Visual Studio programmatically

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Louis Filliot
Louis Filliot el 9 de En. de 2018
Respondida: Darshan Ramakant Bhat el 17 de En. de 2018
I want to configure Visual Studio as my matlab compiler programmatically. The problem is that if I ask my python script to execute the command mex -setup, then it waits undefinitely for the user answers to the successive input. The thing is that, as I know in advance what the future asnwers will be (y then 2 then y), I'd like to pre-configure them. I tried all kind of command similar to something like mex -setup y,2,y but I couldn't figure out any way to do it. Any idea of other workaround ?

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Darshan Ramakant Bhat
Darshan Ramakant Bhat el 17 de En. de 2018
If you are using the MATLAB version which is prior to R2017 below answers may help you:
For the later version of MATLAB below documentation link will explain how to change the compilers:
I hope this will help you.


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