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Image Labeler - Export problem (bug?)

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Kamu on 2 Feb 2018
Commented: Mark Toolan on 11 Jun 2018
I used the Image Labeler app to define 3 ROI labels. Then, I exported the labels (Export to file - function) that also generated a new folder called ('PixelLabelData') containing PNG label files. There are two problems I found:
1. The generated .PNG labels appeared black. However, they should be pseudo-colored according to the 3 ROI labels that I defined.
2. When I export the session file in OSX and tried to import them back in WIN, the defined ROIs categories are embedded but the overlay are lost.
Any explanation for this issue? Any help is much appreciated.
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Mark Toolan
Mark Toolan on 11 Jun 2018
To view the ROI's in your (black) images, use:
I = imread('PathToYourBlackImage');
Im = imagesc(I);

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Answers (2)

Nandagopalan Venugopalan
Nandagopalan Venugopalan on 25 Apr 2018
Any update on this? I am facing a similar one!

Maurício Pires
Maurício Pires on 7 May 2018
Matlab labels your three ROIs with values 1, 2 and 3. And the background is zero. So you should use imagesc in order to display the image with scaled colors.
>> image = imread('PixelLabelData\Label_1.png');
>> figure;
>> imagesc(image);

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