How can I use .NET enumeration (Which has '+') in MATLAB?

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Xiao on 22 Feb 2018
Answered: David on 21 Jul 2021
I have some questin while using .NET enumerations in MATLAB. Is there anyone could help? Thanks in advance! Here I use .NET 'System' to reproduce my problem.
  • Load the .Net Assembly 'System':
  • Check 'asmInfo.Enums' in the workspace.There seems to be two types of "Enums": those with "+" and those without "+", for example, "Microsoft.Win32.PowerModes" and "System.Net.Configuration.ProxyElement+BypassOnLocalValues".I know how to use the enumerations without "+":
But I don't know how to use those with "+". It doesn't work in this way:
However, it works after I create the correcsponding object. Must I do it in this way? Is it possible to use this enumeration before creating the object?
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David on 21 Jul 2021
I too would like more information on using the "+" enums

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