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Problems with global variables

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Siyuan Liu
Siyuan Liu on 1 Mar 2018
Commented: Guillaume on 11 Apr 2019
I'm willing to use the global function to define some constant parameters in a structure. The written codes are as following
But according to the error reminder the current use of 'Biofilm' is inconsistent with the previous use or Definition. I couldn't understand this hint and still couldn't find the error. Could anyone help me with that? Thanks a lot!


Guillaume on 13 Mar 2018
As a rule, don't use global variables.
Why does Biofilm need to be global? It is already defined as a normal variable since it is an output of the function. It looks like you either don't understand what global variables are, or how functions work.
Jacob Bean
Jacob Bean on 11 Apr 2019
Regardless of his level of understanding, people come here to ask questions. Not to be ridiculed.
Guillaume on 11 Apr 2019
@Jacob, I'm not sure who your comment is addressed to. Nobody was being ridiculed in my post. There was a piece of advice and a genuine question that would have helped answering the OP question, had that question been answered.

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Answers (1)

Krishna Bindumadhavan
Krishna Bindumadhavan on 13 Mar 2018
You may have to remove Biofilm as the return argument, to make the function signature look like:
function setGlobalbiofilm()
As Biofilm is a global variable , it does not seem to be possible to declare it as a return value of a function. You can take a look at this documentation for further information.


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