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How to turn off the axes title of autocorrelation function?

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If I use 'autocorr', I will get a ACF graph, as the following link shows that the all the vertical axes are overlapped. i do not want any of these texts, any one please tell me how to do this?
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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub el 17 de Mayo de 2012
I don't have the Econometrics Toolbox so I cannot test, but
delete(cell2mat(get(gca, {'YLabel', 'XLabel'})))
should get rid of the labels
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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub el 17 de Mayo de 2012
Not quite. The labels of an axis are contained in axes which are a child of the real axis. So get(gca, 'YLabel') returns a handle to an axis. Since I am returning more than one property (i.e., YLabel and XLabel), get(gca, {'YLabel', 'XLabel'}) returns a cell array, with each element containing the corresponding property. If you did it as two commands, then you would not need the cell2mat.
weijie el 17 de Mayo de 2012
Thanks very much! Understood!

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