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How to build regression model for data from multiple flights?

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I have an aircraft climb data for 10 flights, which consists of 3 predictors (x1, x2 x3) and one response variable (y-change in altitude). These flights took place in different years, but the characteristics are same, e.g., the same type of aircraft, same payload etc. I want to build one regression model based on these 10 flights. Does anybody know how I can use regression app for the problem like this?

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Bernhard Suhm
Bernhard Suhm on 25 Mar 2018
You build a table with your 3 predictors and the response as columns, and their values from the 10 flights as rows, load that into the regression learner app (+ New Session button, load your table from the workspace), and then build a regression model. However, 10 observations are too few to train a robust model.

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