How can i make this piece of code faster?

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I am new to Machine Learning.I am trying to select 300 features from the dataset i.e. (77*7071) using sequentialfs.I have tried scaling the data using a scaling function.But it takes a lot of time.Can anybody help me please? Where checkknn is a function handle implementing KNN classifier and returning the correctRate of the classifier Here's the code:
clear all;
y = x(:,end);
c = cvpartition(y,'k',10);
opts = statset('display','iter');
fun = @checkknn;
[fs,history] = sequentialfs(fun,x,y,'cv',c,'options',opts,'direction','backward','Nf',300);
Thanks in advance!

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Bernhard Suhm
Bernhard Suhm on 27 Mar 2018
Sequential feature selection is expected to take a long time, especially when dealing with such a large number of features. If your hardware provides multiple cores, you could speed up computation by fanning out to multiple cores (but that would require the Parallel Computing Toolbox).
The right choice of feature selection depends on the classification or regression technique you apply. In this case, you applied nearest neighbors, but with the default distance metric which is Euclidean. If the user has 77 observations and 7000+ features, Euclidean distance is not a good choice. The cosine distance could perform well in this setting.
Or do you really have just 77 observations and 7000+ features? Don't expect a solid model from such a small and feature-heavy dataset!
For your dataset is indeed that "wide", linear techniques are best. Regularized linear discriminant could work well, and we have a doc example showing how to use it for feature selection (see LDA-with-variable-selection for more information) . Another good option would be a linear model with lasso penalty fit by fitclinear using the SpaRSA solver. However, that's not a linear techniques. Did you make a deliberate choice in avoiding linear techniques?
Finally, there is no need to copy the class label variable into the last column in the predictor matrix before running sequentialfs.
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Sudipta Banerjee
Sudipta Banerjee on 31 Mar 2018
Thank you very much!
Yes i was avoiding linear methods as I have already implemented some and was trying wrapper based feature selection methods.I have read this article and taken your suggestions and modified my code and have reduced the time.

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