How can I fix propagation speed error using Simscape Power System?

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I’m running 2017b, using a model I think was created in 2015x. When I try to run the model, I receive the following error:
“A propagation speed of...has been found for Mode 1 Block 10. Propagation speed must be < 300000 km/s.”
Analysis of the model forms part of a university coursework, and I can’t see anything obvious to change to allow it to run correctly. Thanks.

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Answers (2)

Prasanth Sunkara
Prasanth Sunkara on 2 Apr 2018
Hello Euan,
It seems to be an "improper" configuration of the Simscape TL blocks.
The error message you see from the model is due to propagation speeds larger than 300000 km/s, which is causing the propagation time to be smaller than the sample time. Please refer to the following links to understand more about the parameters and block equations for Distributed Parameter Line and PI Section Line:
- Prasanth

Tarun Sangwan
Tarun Sangwan on 9 Apr 2022
propogation time=distance/propagation speed(commonly reffered to speed of light)
if there is propagation error you must check value for positive and negative sequence inductance.
try making it greater than 1


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