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I have been stuck on the followng quesiton,please help.

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We hope to generate two correlated random variables X and Y such that: X Exp(lambda), Y Weibull( alpha; beta ), with lambda= 2, alpha= 2, beta= 3: Do the following for three diff erent values for the correlation: X;Y = 0.8; 0.2 and -0.8
(a) Use a Gaussian copula to generate N = 105 independent (X; Y ) pairs and estimate the correlation using the simulated data.
(b) Plot all (X; Y ) pairs. Verify that the marginal distributions look appropriate. (In MATLAB use command \histogram(X)" or \scatterhist(X,Y)")

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Bernhard Suhm
Bernhard Suhm on 23 Apr 2018
It's not our role to help solve course problems here, but maybe copularnd and corr will let you do what you need.

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