Finding Pattern in the data set

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sc1991 on 19 Jun 2018
Answered: Bernhard Suhm on 28 Jun 2018
Hello! All I have data from 6 automobiles and i am logging 5 sensors data from each one. is there a way that i can find pattern in the data from these 6 automobiles based on the 5 sensors data. I have been reading about clustering and looks like that is the way to go but still your inputs will be greatly appreciated.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 19 Jun 2018
Does the pattern go across sensor types? Or are the patterns all within each sensor type itself (in which case you mgiht be able to use normalized cross correlation)?

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Bernhard Suhm
Bernhard Suhm on 28 Jun 2018
You are asking a very basic question, like "tell me how to apply data analytics", which is why the comment pointed you to the most fundamental doc page relating to machine learning. This forum is intended for questions relating to specific functions or methods available in MATLAB. - There is no silver bullet, you have to apply the various methods of quantitative or qualitative data exploration. You can visualize the data from the 5 sensors, probably you'll want to pool them across the 6 automobiles. You could use gplotmatrix to look for relationships between pairs of your 5 sensors. Are you trying to predict a quality of these automobiles, or are you really looking just for patterns in the data? If the former, you can look for correlations between the quality of interest and these 5 sensors.

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