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Richard on 19 Jun 2012
What is the use of horzcat? Is there an advantage of using horzcat over manually concatenating arrays horizontally? for example:
A = {'a','b','c'};
B = {'d','e'};
C = horzcat(A,B);
This is the same as:
A = {'a','b','c'};
B = {'d','e'};
C = [A,B];
So, is there an advatage of using horzcat?

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Jan on 20 Jun 2012
When you type [A, B] in the code, horzcat is called internally, as it is when it is called explicitely also. [.,.] is a synonym only.
cat(2, A, B) replies the same result, but as far as I remember it has a tiny difference in the runtime.
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rudolf on 10 Jul 2012
Hello Jan
If i have several txt files on a folder instead of specify A, B, C,... how can i read all files inside a folder Im trying to use:
C=cat(1, F{:}) but is not working
Thanks rf

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