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Math lab tool for calculating of Tide

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I have 12 years of 1 min frequency tide/sea level data. Is there any tool box to calculate, Highest Astronomical tide level , Mean high water spring ,mean high water neap, mean low water neap, mean high water spring, lowest astronomical tide level, Seasonal variation. Highly appreciate your quake response.

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Gabriel Ruiz-Martinez
Gabriel Ruiz-Martinez on 9 Jul 2021
Hi Indika,
if you have a water level record of 12 years, you can use the Rich Pawlowicz's T-Tide Matlab toolbox to analyze your data.
The toolbox can be downloaded from Pawlowicz's page:
I little late, but I hope this toolbox can be useful to other people, interested in tides.
indika kathaluwa weligamage
Thank your reply with details.
I will tray and update how work tide predic...Pawlowicz's T_Tide Matlab toolbox (version 1.4)

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