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Attached Files to Parallel Pool, MDCS and Local Cluster, Compiled and Uncompiled

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Nathan Ellingson
Nathan Ellingson on 25 Sep 2018
Edited: Nathan Ellingson on 25 Sep 2018
I am having some strange issues with workers being able to find *.m files and *.mexw64 files.
While on the local cluster, compiled and uncompiled: Some classes were not loaded, probably because they were not explicitly called (loaded preexisting classes). This was easily fixed by calling AddAttachedFiles.
While on MDCS, however, I randomly start getting errors that it cannot find functions from .m files or .mex files and to call AddAttachedFiles. However, when I call add attached files, I continue to get the same error. Restarting the parallel pool, matlab, the compiled application, and calling updateAttachedFiles doesn't seem to help. Then I will leave and the next day and it will work file...
Right now I have both the compiled version and the uncompiled version on the same computer. the uncompiled version works fine, but I'm get errors after restarting the parallel pool in the compiled version.
Do you guys know of any documentation that explains how the parallel pool finds and attaches files? and also what is going on here?


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