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Save an output file which is a cell

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Lavanya S
Lavanya S on 11 Oct 2018
Answered: OCDER on 11 Oct 2018
How to write a cell to excel sheet (or in any format). The cell contains strings as well as doubles. Thanks in advance

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OCDER on 11 Oct 2018
Data = {'string', 1, [1 2 3 4]};
%Make sure there is no multi-element entity in each cell (like the matrix)
MatLoc = cellfun(@(x) isnumeric(x) && numel(x) > 1, Data);
Data(MatLoc) = cellfun(@mat2str, Data(MatLoc), 'un', 0);
xlswrite('MyFile.xlsx', Data);
writetable(cell2table(Data), 'MyFile2.xlsx'); %Use (..., 'WriteVariableNames', 0) inputs if
%you don't want "Data1, Data2, Data3" as the first row

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