How to change the focus setting of the camera?

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Dear all,
I have an Allied Vision GT4096 that I want to connect to Matlab. The distance between the lens and the target is known and will vary between 0.5meters and 30meters during the image acquisition. I would like to adapt the focus setting as a function of the distance between the lens and the target. Which toolbox should I use to do so and by how ?
To clarify a bit more, I would like to measure the level of focus of the image to verify whether the image is sharp. If the image is not sharp, then I would like to change the focus of the lens. Long story short, I would like to have an autofocus on my camera that run continuously.
Many thanks for your help,
Antoine L.

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Prashanth Ramesh
Prashanth Ramesh on 5 Nov 2018
Hi Antonie,
I believe Allied Vision GT4096 is GigE Vision Compliant. You would be able to acquire images using the Image Acquisition Toolbox.
Based on the device, you could modify different properties. While I am not sure about the particular hardware mentioned, most cameras support auto-focus as described at the end of the following link:
You may find the following links useful:

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