I can't fplot(39)

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I'm trying to have a plot with a constant line at value y=39. I'm using function fplot() with a constant double as argument. This works for any value (e.g. fplot(38), fplot(40)) except for fplot(39). Anyone has an idea or ad alternative way to get a constant line plot on y=39. Thanks A
The error message while running fplot(39) is the following Error using symvar>isquoted (line 154) Quotes in S are not in pairs.
Error in symvar (line 49) q = isquoted(s);
Error in countvars>symvarMulti (line 17) vars = reshape(symvar(c),1,[]);
Error in countvars>symvarMulti (line 10) vars = cellfun(@symvarMulti, c, 'UniformOutput', false);
Error in countvars (line 5) n = numel(symvarMulti(outer));
Error in fplot>singleFplot (line 225) nvars = countvars(fn);
Error in fplot>@(f)singleFplot(cax,{f},limits,extraOpts,args) (line 193) hObj = cellfun(@(f) singleFplot(cax,{f},limits,extraOpts,args),fn{1},'UniformOutput',false);
Error in fplot>vectorizeFplot (line 193) hObj = cellfun(@(f) singleFplot(cax,{f},limits,extraOpts,args),fn{1},'UniformOutput',false);
Error in fplot (line 163) hObj = vectorizeFplot(cax,fn,limits,extraOpts,args);

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 3 Nov 2018
The fplot function is interpreting ‘39’ as a single quote, its ASCII equivalent:
chr39 = char(39)
chr39 =
Using an anonymous function plots the lines:
The strange appearance avoids several lines of warning messages that would otherwise result.
madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 4 Nov 2018
An addendum to Steven's addendum:
fplot(subs(sym('y'),39)) %does the same
fplot(subs(sym('x'),39)) %won't plot a vertical line
the above will work the same that's why I made a FEX for this purpose

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