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how to combine ladder logicprogramming and simulink model

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shanmukh c
shanmukh c on 4 Dec 2018
Answered: Bill Chou on 22 Apr 2019
i need to integrate ladder logic programming from plc software to matlab simulink model .how can i do it .Are there any functions in matlab software for going to combine ladder logic and simulink model

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Bill Chou
Bill Chou on 22 Apr 2019
I realize that the question was asked some time ago, but answering as others may find it useful going forward.
In R2019a, Simulink PLC Coder added the ability to import and generate Ladder Diagrams from Studio 5000. In addition, there are new blocks added for creating and simulating Ladder Diagrams in Simulink.
You can find more info here:

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