creating a vector where each element needs to be calculated before hand

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Can I creat Z in a single statement which doesn't require explicit calculation of each element or should I just use a loop?
Z = [ A*exp(B*X(1)), A*exp(B*X(2)), A*exp(B*X(3)), A*exp(B*X(4)) ...
, A*exp(B*X(5)), A*exp(B*X(6)), A*exp(B*X(6)) ];

Accepted Answer

dpb on 29 Dec 2018
If X is a vector of numel(X) = 6, then
if A,B are constants; otherwise it depends on what they are and what is the end result wanted...if they're both also vectors of same shape as X, then
for element-wise multiplication. From the Q? it doesn't sound like you want/intend matrix multiplication, but that's doable, too, if that were to the desired result and have commensurately-sized Arrays/Vectors for conformant product dimensions.

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