reading at UCA elements

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uzmeed on 30 Jan 2019
Commented: uzmeed on 4 Feb 2019
I need to receive the signal at different elemnents of UCA
I am using the following code
sUCA = phased.UCA('NumElements',5,'Radius',2.0);
% First signal
t = linspace(0,0.3,300)';
t1= zeros(size(t));
t1(201:205)= 1;
% Second Signal
t2= zeros(size(t));
t2(101:105)= 1;
angle_of_arrival = [30;0];
x = collectPlaneWave(sUCA,[t1 t2],angle_of_arrival',fc);
plot(t,abs(x(:,1))); title('Element 1 (magnitude)');
axis tight; ylabel('Magnitude');
plot(t,abs(x(:,2))); title('Element 2 (magnitude)');
axis tight; ylabel('Magnitude');
plot(t,abs(x(:,3))); title('Element 3 (magnitude)');
axis tight; xlabel('Seconds'); ylabel('Magnitude');
plot(t,abs(x(:,4))); title('Element 4 (magnitude)');
axis tight; xlabel('Seconds'); ylabel('Magnitude');
The problem I am facing is that all the antennas are receving the same magnitude . But as far as my understanding the antenna at least one antenna should not receive the signal
Please suggest some thing Best Regards

Accepted Answer

Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen on 30 Jan 2019
Why would you say taht at least one antenna should not receive the signal? You are using isotropic element in the array so every element can receive the signal regardless the incoming direction. As to the magnitude, it is because the toolbox assumes that the signal is at far field so the signal strength is the same across the array.
uzmeed on 4 Feb 2019
Thank you so much

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