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Simulink block for initialization

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In my simulink simulation, initial value of a particular constant input is to be given by me. Later on the value is changed by the feedback signal.
The feedback signal is also constant(1x1) but changes with time. My question is is there a block for this particular condition.?


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Accepted Answer

Dhanashree Mohite
Dhanashree Mohite on 7 Feb 2019
As per my understanding, you want to use one constant value while initializing and afterwards the feedback value.
So, actually there are multiple ways. Below are some:
1. You can use unit delay block for feedback and use it’s initial condition property to set initial value.
2. You can also use triggered or enabled subsystem. You can set initial value for it’s output port. And then you can use any value as it’s input afterward.

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Olumide Ayeni
Olumide Ayeni on 22 Jan 2020
Hi. Can you please explain 2. a bit more?

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Anand Shirke
Anand Shirke on 11 Feb 2019
Block Initial Condition works like charm!


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