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How to use only specific files in directory in GUI?

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HC on 14 Feb 2019
Commented: HC on 15 Feb 2019
Hello all.
I have a GUI function that can open a directory/folder of images. What I would like to do is actually only select the files/images with the word "PU" in their titles. How would I be able to do this/approach this problem?
Thank you.


Rik on 14 Feb 2019
Are you using a special file picker, the builtin uigetfile, or dir to get file names?
HC on 15 Feb 2019
It is using uigetdir, yes. Within that folder/directory, I want to open only specific images with the title "PU".

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Answers (2)

Jan on 15 Feb 2019
folder = uigetdir('Choose a folder');
List = dir(fullfile(folder, 'PU*.*'));
FileName = fullfile(folder, {});
for iFile = 1:numel(FileName)
File = FileName{iFile}
... now open it


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Robert on 15 Feb 2019
Not sure what you mean by 'select', but you can show a user only the files containing 'PU' in their titles using
[fileName, pathName] = uigetfile('*PU*', 'This is my dialog title', 'MultiSelect', 'on');

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HC on 15 Feb 2019
In the GUI, I have a "Select Directory" button. This button pulls up all of the images/files in that directory/folder onto the GUI. I only want this button to choose (or "pull up" on the GUI) files with "PU" in the title.

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