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Morris method graph - I need help with interpretation

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I run Morris method and I need help with interpretation of these graphs. I understand the influence concpet, however, not sure, if the numbers on x and y plot also carry some information and if I can compare them to something (i.e. - PTOT y - is up to 0.04 - is it a lot/not too much/it does not matter - only position in graph matter?)
morris method nova.svg
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Raj Deepak S N
Raj Deepak S N on 21 Jan 2020
Hi Martin,
How were you able to produce the figures? I have been struggling for over a month with the morris function and all I am getting is 0s for means and the labels for the 31 parameters do not make any sense as they have been ordered as 1 to 31. I have been trying to run a multi-parameter sensitivity analysis, similar to yours. It would be very helpful if you could provide a screenshot of your code.

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viyils Sangregorio
viyils Sangregorio on 29 Nov 2019
this grahp can Help

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