interpolating over vectors and matrices

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Consider the following example:
time = 1/24:1/24:365;
period = 0:0.0232:1.964;
power = 0 + (1-0)*rand(85,8760);
pcolor(time,period,power);shading interp
This example shows how the power of a certain periodicity ('period') from a signal changes in time. From this I would like to perform some further analysis on a period that lies between 2 of the period shown above. I would like to look closer at how the power at a period of 0.0417 changes in time. However, this period lies between period(2) and period(3). Is there a method for interpolating over the vector 'period', and matrix 'power' to generate a reasonable estimate of the power at 0.0417?

Accepted Answer

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 14 Aug 2012
[pp tt] = ndgrid(period,time);
G = griddedInterpolant(pp,tt,power);
This is making the assumption that you want a two dimensional interpolation. If you would like a one dimensional interpolation across columns, you can use interp1 directly.

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