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Jucimar Carpe
Jucimar Carpe on 6 May 2019
Commented: MOHITH DADU on 24 Jul 2021
Hi, i created an web app and i was wondering how to deploy on a website, but unfortunely this is only possible if the server has the Matlab Runtime installed, it wich is not so easy to find.
Is there some free website where i could deploy my application?

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Deependra Mishra
Deependra Mishra on 6 Jan 2021
Is it possible to host the matlab webapps on our custom website?

Suresh Balakrishnama
Suresh Balakrishnama on 16 Jan 2020
Hi Jucimar,
You can install MATLAB Web App Server to deploy your web app. You will have to install the server on your premise to host and share the web app. Here are the instructions:
When you install the server, MATLAB Runtime will also be installed to run the server. We currently do not have a website where you can host the web apps. I hope this helps.
MOHITH DADU on 24 Jul 2021
Hello i was also looking for the same... Did u get the solution?

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