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How to replace the "files required for your application to run" in app designer

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Kim Jason
Kim Jason on 16 May 2019
Commented: Kim Jason on 16 May 2019
I am making an app using App Designer and making it to an .exe file with matlab compiler.
And there is a .mat data file that is needed to run the program, so I added that data at the "files required for your application to run".
So while I run the program, I can call that data by using " load('file_name.mat'); " and it has no problem.
But what I want to do is that I want to add more data at the 'file_name.mat'. I can't find any way to access to that file for an update.
I want to load 'file_name.mat' and update it and save it to 'file_name.mat' so that I can use the updated data when I reload it.
If there is no way, I am actually planing to load the data using "uiload" instead of putting the data to the "files required for your application to run",
but it would be very helpful if there is a way.


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Accepted Answer

Dennis on 16 May 2019
Yes, this can be done. There is a really good blog post about this topic, which can be found here.
As stated in the blog you can use 'which' to locate your file, then you can use the path to edit it.

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