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How does the implementation of sample time for system objects work?

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Fabian Hartmann
Fabian Hartmann on 22 May 2019
Answered: Archit Dhanani on 19 Jul 2019
I want to create a system object with 'Controllable Sampling Time'. Unfortunately, the way the implementation of saple times works for system objects is arcane to me, as I don't understand, why the documentation just uses routines like 'createSampleTime' and 'getSampleTimeImpl'.
Thus I would like to now, how to implement 'controlable sampling time' in a minimal example and how Matlab uses the parts of such an example, especially, where the sample time is called, so I might understand why it works the way it does.

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Archit Dhanani
Archit Dhanani on 19 Jul 2019
Hi Fabian,
I am not sure if there are specific example demostrating this in System objects.
There are SFunction examples which you could look at. The model sfcndemo_pwm uses controllable sample time. You can explore the c-code used for this S-function. You can find this example at:


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