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HDL Coder - reducing size of fixed-point variables

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Mark Hoffmann
Mark Hoffmann on 29 Jun 2019
When running HDL Coder a fixed-point version of my MATLAB-script is generated as 'example_fixpt.m'.
In this script the function 'fi' is applied to all variables, e.g.:
test=fi(pi, 1, 16, fm);
If I run 'whos' (in example_fixpt.m) I'm told the new variable (type '') uses 428 bytes.
Can I somehow reduce the size of fixed-point variables?
Does this mean my VHDL-code will also make use of variables this big?

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Bharath Venkataraman
Bharath Venkataraman on 9 Jul 2019
The number of bytes taken to store the fixed-point variable in MATLAB does not determine the number of bits in HDL. te number of bits in HDL will be determined by the wordlength of the fi variable, so in your case, the HDL code will contain a signal of 16 bits.

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