Compiled standalone application doesn't run depending on installation folder.

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Florian Inard
Florian Inard on 1 Jul 2019
Answered: Ananthi Jegan on 23 Nov 2020
I compiled a standalone compilation wich display a windows after intialization and tried to install it in two different folders :
C:\Program Files Created by windows Run
C:\My Program Files Created by me Doesn't run
When I say doesn't run, it's more the window doesn't show, because i see the logo of my app appearing on my screen and then nothing happens.
The path I use for the window initialization are only relatives and even on commenting those lines, I get the same results.
The previous version of the app run perfectly when installed in C:\My Program Files.
If it didn't worked at all, I would have guessed that's from my code but I don't see how an installation folder can impact an app if you only use relative paths.
I tried to launch the app from windows cmd and no errors are shown.
Any idea how to solve this ?

Answers (1)

Ananthi Jegan
Ananthi Jegan on 23 Nov 2020
Could you provide information on the below questions?
  1. Which version of MATLAB are you using?
  2. Have you created Windows Standalone Desktop application using deploytool?
  3. You have mentioned that "I tried to launch the app from windows cmd and no errors are shown".
From this statement, I would like to clarify if you are able to launch your application installed from "C:\My Program Files" from Command window without any errors.





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