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add on Deep Learning Toolbox Importer for Tensorflow-Keras Models stop work

Asked by dror yemini on 7 Jul 2019
Latest activity Answered by Shounak Mitra on 11 Jul 2019
hi i installed Deep Learning Toolbox Importer for Tensorflow-Keras Models (r2019a)
it imported some networks but later it stop working and each time i need to remove and install again
i receive error
Error using importKerasNetwork (line
importKerasNetwork requires the Deep
Learning Toolbox Importer for Keras
Models support package. To install
this support package, use the Add-On


Hi Dror,
could you provide more information (so we could start investigating the issue):
  • When it stoped working
  • If you are using desktop or online version of MATLAB?
  • If you are using Linux, Windows or Mac?
  • Any other relevant information?
  • i use desktop pc windows 10
  • matlab r2019a
  • i saw that if i in begin use command restoredefaultpath it causes maybe the issue( each time i start matlab i run some shortcut) .

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1 Answer

Answer by Shounak Mitra on 11 Jul 2019

This is slighly strange.
Can you go to Add-Ons and Manage Add-Ons and see if the importer is installed. If you don't see it there, then try installing it again.
If you see it there and it's still not running, then try running rehash toolboxcache or try restarting MATLAB.
Please let us know whatever the outcome is.


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