Adding dropdown option from GUI in App Designer

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Is there a way to permanently add another option to a dropdown menu without having to go to the code? I will be getting objects periodically that I need to add to the list of options and I wonder if there is a way to add them from the app.
I was thinking about creating a character vector that can be modified through the gui and then make this the input to dropdown.Items. The problem is that from the codeview of my app, that is not a line of code I can modify.
The other option I thought of was activating the "allow users to type in text" function. But this won't remember the options that are typed in for future uses of the dropdown, which is something I would need.
Does anybody know how I can do it?

Accepted Answer

TADA on 11 Jul 2019
I would put the options in a text file. Then load it during startup
TADA on 12 Jun 2020
I think it would be best if you post a new question with this whole new problem

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