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Processing of LiDAR point cloud data

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I would like to project the selected section of point cloud data to ground OR flat. As we can see its like ramp but i need it flat. May i know to do it without loss of distance or data (not considerable amount). This is from .pcd file and collected using a LiDAR. This is a map of outside environment.
Kindly some suggestions ASAP


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Abhisek Pradhan
Abhisek Pradhan on 18 Sep 2019
Use pcread to read point cloud from PLY or PCD file. And extract the selected portion of data points using findPointsInROI. An the use segmentGroundFromLidarDatato segment ground points from organized lidar data.
Please refer the following link for more information.


Abhinand Gonibedu Dathatri
Thanks! I had actually tried this process, but did not execute it properly. I am unable to execute this line of code: groundPtsIdx = segmentGroundFromLidarData(ld.ptCloud);
I tried the example the format matches, still not able to understand which "ptCloud" point cloud object is this referring to. When i put my point cloud object i got this : Reference to non-existent field 'ptCloudB'. I got this ptCloudB point cloud object by reading a ".pcd" file using pcread.
My .mat file has only x, y, z column but their mat file has point cloud object (with location colour intensity etc. arrays) in the mat file.
Error: The input point cloud must be organized (M-by-N-by-3).
i tried to convert and save but not happening.
The matlab is not accepting N x 1 matrix and N x 3 matrix.
Any suggestions ?
aws hawary
aws hawary on 13 Apr 2020
I have a question if anyone could help me
I got Data LIDAR files ( pcap and csv)
I wanna to apply that data but the files should be compatible with MATLAB platform .. How can I read all the frames of ply file .. I read the total of pcap but I need the frames #separately for each timestamp
Ahmed Iftekhar
Ahmed Iftekhar on 4 May 2020
I want to preprocess some lidar data in .pcd format. I tried "segmentGroundFromLidarData" algorithm to segment the groud but this code is written for .pcap format. In pcd fromat it has (m by n matrics size) on the other hand, pcap file has (m by n by 3 matrics) size.
Any thought of how to format pcd file into pcap file? or any other matlab libraries to deal with pcd file?

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